Class Descriptions

Advanced Flow

An intense flow class incorporating advanced postures that will challenge both the body and the mind.  This intense practice incorporates poses of both strength and flexibility and is practiced at a moderate to rigorous pace, moderate yoga experience is recommended. 

All Levels

Beginning with breath work the body is able to relax and come into the present moment. This class flows through various postures – seated, twists, back bends and standing. This is the perfect mix of poses that promote balance, strength, and flexibility.


An invigorating practice linking postures to the breath creating a steady internal rhythm and cultivating heat in the body. This practice performed at a slightly faster pace guides your attention to the present moment.


A gentle nourishing practice that uses props to assist in passive restorative postures. This slow moving practice allows the mind to quiet, entering a state of relaxation with awareness of the body, breath, and mind.

Slow Flow

A flow class that is set at a slower pace to allow yourself to settle into poses and focus on deep breaths. 

Slow Flow + Nidra

A slow paced flow class combined with a guided meditation.  Some call it “yogic sleep”, Nidra is a meditation practice that allows for physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Nidra is practiced lying down on your mat as you let your mind follow the sound of the instructor’s voice referencing different points of the body, bringing you to a state between sleep and wakefulness.

Slow Flow + Yin

Soft flow movements intermixed with some deep yin stretches. 


Postures are held for 3 to 5 minutes, targeting the deep connective tissue. The perfect balance to our hectic yang-like lives. You will leave this class calm with a sense of new found space and awareness within your mind and body.